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Taking a Screencap on Your iPad

How to take a screenshot on your iPad

iPad Pro - How to Take a Screenshot

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Making Phone Calls on an iPad

How to Make & Receive Phone Calls on Your iPad

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How to Make Phone Calls with iPad/iPod iOS 10

Using PhoneView on Your iPad

iOS 9 Upgrade Part 1: Backing Up With Phoneview

Phone View Software Demo & Review | iPhone Software

PhoneView - Access your iOS device data from Mac - Download Video Prev...

Reading E-Books on Your iPad

How to Make the iPad a Better E-book Reader : iPad Tips

How to Download and Read eBooks on an iPad Using the iBooks, Kindle or...

iPad Mini with Retina Display vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2

Using Hyperlinks on the iPad

Adding Hyperlinks and Tables in the Google Docs App for the iPad

iPad Safari Hyperlinks Don't Work

GoodNotes Templates with Hyperlinks